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19 November 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania
All-Ways feature slots by 1GameHUB

All-Ways feature slots by 1GameHUB

What are All-Ways games and how they can help your business grow.

With more and more features being added to slots nowadays, it is crucially important for iGaming businesses to stay up to date and differentiate games with features that will work specifically for their target market. Here’s where 1GameHUB comes in to help you take your business to new heights by integrating the best games from top-performing providers based on your needs and giving you relevant content recommendations as well as market expertise via just a single agreement.

Slot features

Special features add an extra layer of excitement to slots, making the gameplay more interesting, although it’s far more than just entertainment. They can fulfill every players’ desire to drastically increase their winning chances, although you need to choose the right game for it to work in your favor.

All-Ways games

Slots with All-Ways feature remove the limit of 25 or fewer playlines among 5x3 slots by letting players create matches anywhere on the reels. Our providers took the all-ways games feature to new heights by introducing larger reels. Slots with All-Ways feature can have up to 44 331 ways. For example, Sphinx Race Deluxe from Espresso Games has up to 351 or 1451 Ways with 6th reel, while King of Wealth from GameArt offers 243 ways. You can integrate over 300 All-Ways games from leading game content suppliers via 1GameHUB.

Integrate All-Ways games from top-performing providers through 1GameHUB at Discounted Rates

With more than 8 years of experience in the market, we have gained a ton of valuable data. Moreover, we have learned to adapt to current trends and stay innovative in each time period. We rely on our own expertise as well as on stats and numbers we keep in our own or our providers’ data, which allows us to offer you reliable and relevant content recommendations based on your target market. Take advantage of this opportunity to integrate All-Ways games from leading game content suppliers via a single agreement with 1GameHUB.

Take your business to new heights with 1GameHUB!

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