MrSlotty GameHub is being rebranded as 1GameHUB!

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15 September 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania
MrSlotty GameHub is being rebranded as 1GameHUB!

MrSlotty GameHub is being rebranded as 1GameHUB!

1GameHUB comes a long way, from MrSlotty game studio to MrSlotty GameHub game aggregation platform. Now in 2021, 1GameHUB rebranding marks yet another exciting chapter in its growth with a brand new positioning, which will bring us closer to mission fulfillment to become the world's most convenient game aggregation platform for iGaming businesses.

1GameHUB by MrSlotty is taking off as a reimagined form of MrSlotty GameHUB. This exhilarating change will reflect 1GameHUB brand positioning on the market, as well as become the next step towards mission fulfillment.

Essential game aggregation platform for B2B business

1GameHUB adapted its brand name based on our main goal to provide a seamless service: 1 Agreement, 1 API, 1 Integration; in order to offer better conditions for our customers and position ourselves as an essential game aggregation platform for any B2B business in the industry.

8 year long journey from MrSlotty game studio to 1GameHUB game aggregation platform

MrSlotty was founded in 2013 as a game studio and, soon after, realizing the importance of progress and growth, released a brand new iGaming product - a game aggregation platform MrSlotty GameHub. Now, in 2021, we are changing our product’s name to 1GameHUB to reflect its values, mission and present-day course.

Highly promising game content providers brought to you via contemporary technical solution

Our mission, at 1GameHUB, is to become the world’s most convenient and reliable game aggregation platform, where iGaming businesses connect with top performing providers and get professional support and expertise they need.

1GameHUB is integrating leading and established, as well as new and highly promising game content providers from across the world, which are being supplied to our global customers via a contemporary technical solution.

With more than 5000 games, over 80 providers, innovative approach and reinvented products, 1GameHUB will take your business to new heights!

1GameHUB Director, has stated the following:
“Our team built a great and reliable product which we have been supplying to our loyal clients for a long period of time with a wide range of top performing content and stable service. With the growth of the aggregation platform comes the need to signify a new chapter in our journey - 1GameHUB: a one-stop, contemporary game aggregation platform for iGaming B2B businesses. We at 1GameHUB are excited about the future ahead.”

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